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  • Get Results! - We only work with Agents with proven Track Records with High Standards, Expertise and Qualifications. Our Top Notch Agents get better results than simply Buying or Selling on your own.
  • Buy Homes for Less! - Our Experienced Agents are Master Negotiators and often help our clients save $1,000's buying their Home for Less!
  • Sell your Home Faster! - Our Vetted Agents have years of experience with well established Buyer and Investor Networks and Proven Marketing Campaigns that gets your Home Sold Fast!.
  • No Additional Cost! - You get the Best of the Best Agent whether you are Buying or Selling, uniquely Experienced and Specializing with your needs in mind backed by the Unsurpassed Zen Loans Programs available!  All of this at No Additional Cost to you for this Agent matching service!  It is truly a No Brainer!
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9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

9 Sedgwick St UNIT 5
2bd - 1ba - 810 sqft - Built 1930

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Glad We Didn't Give Up!

We searched for months on our own not having much luck.  We had very specific features we were looking for in a home.  We were about to give up.  Realtor Homework matched us with an Agent.  We found the perfect house and our offer was accepted!  It all happened in the same weekend!

Contract Confidence!

Knowing that we had an experienced Agent found by Realtor Homework and Pre-Qualified with Zen Loans gave us great confidence in a competitive situation.  With our strong financial team backing our offer and an expert Realtor negotiator that didn't give up till we got exactly what we wanted, our offer was the one that was ultimately accepted!

Great Listing Experience!

We originally listed our house with a Realtor family friend.  Although he was a great guy and had experience, our unique property was kinda outside his norm.  As a result it sat on the market unsold for awhile.  Realtor Homework matched us with a Realtor that was specialized in the type of property we had and understood the type of buyer that would be interested and we had offers right away!
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